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Tax Attorney Larry Jones' Writings

Mr. Jones has written or co-authored the following:
    Guide to Dealing With the IRS
      published by Practitioners Publishing Co.
    706/709 DeskBook
      published by Practitioners Publishing Co.
    Dealing With the IRS Collection Division
      published by Little, Brown and Company
    IRS Practice & Policy
      Reviewer - published by Tax Management
    Journal of Tax Practice and Procedure
      Columnist and Advisory Board Member - published by CCH
Mr. Jones has published various articles as well as a quarterly publication on tax matters entitled Tax Controversy Update. These are some of the articles he has written:
    How to Find a Tax Attorney
      Texas Lawyer
    A Taxing Situation
      Southwest Airlines Magazine - 1982
    Handling an IRS Audit-Tips to Success
      Dallas Times Herald - May 1986
    Playing Hardball
      Dallas Times Herald - September 1986
    Defense Considerations in Criminal and Civil Tax Fraud Investigations by the IRS
      Voice for The Defense - April 1987
    Taxpayer's Rights
      Family Solutions Quarterly - Winter 1989
    IRS Takes Steps to Reduce Its Don't Mess With Us Image
      Quoted in article in Dallas Morning News - January 26, 1989
    Dealing With Clients Who Have Not Filed Returns
      IRS Practice Alert - October 1989
    What to Do When a Client Has Not Filed a Return
      WG&L Tax News - Spring 1990
    Can Your Client Afford to Litigate Against the IRS?
      IRS Practice Alert - May 1990
    What Starts Out as a Routine Audit May Transform Into a Fraud Inquiry
      IRS Practice Alert - June 1990
    Negotiating Options When Dealing With the Collection Division
      IRS Practice Alert - July 1990
    Winning Audits Through Communication, Preparation, and Presentation
      Tax Management IRS Practice & Policy Bulletin - July 1992
    Challenge the IRS
      Dallas Law, Supplement to the Dallas Morning News - 1993
    The IRS Returns to Its Roots–Lifestyle Audits
      Tax Management IRS Practice & Policy Bulletin - December 1995
    Trust Fund Recovery Penalty: Can the IRS Recover From You?
      Journal of Asset Protection - March/April 1996
    IRS Allowable Expense Guidelines Impacting Taxpayers
      Tax Management IRS Practice & Policy Bulletin - April 1996
    Interpreting Consents to Extend the Statute of Limitations
      Tax Notes - January 26, 1998
    Taxing Question: How Can Businesses Avoid Audits?
      Quoted in article in Dallas Business Journal - February 19, 1999
    Paying the ProfessionalsTax Court Says Paid Too Much
      Texas Bar Journal - January 2002
    Tax Issues in Marriage and Divorce
    CCH Financial and Estate Planning - September 2002

    CCH Journal of Tax Practice and Procedure - 1999 to present
      Love Thy Neighbor Before the IRS Does - April-May 1999
      Looking For An Innocent Spouse - August-September 1999
      How Modern Will the IRS Be? - December 1999-January 2000
      Something Old, Something New for Practitioners to Keep in Mind - April-May 2000
      The Statute of Limitations–To Extend or Not to Extend - August-September 2000
      Going to Appeals - April-May 2001
      Planning the Transaction - April-May 2001
      Challenging the IRS in Court - June-July 2001
      Preparing for the Audit–Are You IRS Proof? - August-September 2001
      Strange Words–Audit and Examination - December 2000-January 2001
      The Other Elements of Success - April-May 2002
      Protecting Yourself From the IRS - April-May 2002
      Planning and Preparing for Clients Under Audit - December 2001-January 2002
      Let the Audits Begin–National Research Program and Exam
      Re-Engineering Project Will Produce More Audits by the IRS - August-September 2002
      Fourth Down and Inches to Go–Do You Go For It? - December 2002-January 2003
      Riddles Solved: Code Sec. 6672(d) for Those Who Don’t Read - April-May 2003
      When is Compensation Reasonable? - April-May 2003
      Settlement Negotiations with an Appeals Officer - June-July 2003
      Customer Service–We All Want It, But Do We Get It? - August-September 2003
      Have You Been Audited? - December 2003-January 2004
      For Better, For Worse, or For Taxes? - February-March 2004
      Avoiding the Pitfalls of Circular 230 - April-May 2004
      IRS Exam Re-Engineering: What Should We Do As Practitioners? - August-September 2004
      The IRS Audit–Being Re-Engineered - October-November 2004
      When the Civil Audit Turns Criminal - December 2004-January 2005
      Where Does the IRS Get Information About Taxpayers? - April-May 2005
      Ignoring IRS Notices–Can the Taxpayer Recover? - August-September 2005
      Who Do You Want for Clients? - December 2005-January 2006
      The Wolf Has False Teeth–Code Sec. 6721 - February-March 2006
      25 Percent Omission Extends Statute of Limitations - April-May 2006
      FIRPTA–Withholding on the Sale of Real Property - August-September 2006
      The Audit is Over–What Now? - December 2006-January 2007
      The Trust Fund Recovery Penalty–Are There Criminal Charges in Your Client’s Future? - December 2006-January 2007
      To Appeal or Not to Appeal - April-May 2007
      Hello, I Am Your CP2000 Notice! - August-September 2007
      Fire the Client–Save the Practitioner - April-May 2008
      Challenge the IRS–A “How to” Manual on Tax Controversies - June-July 2008
      Substantiate or Negotiate - August-September 2008
      Off to Court We Go - December 2008-January 2009
      We’ve Come a Long Way–Where Do We Go Now? - April-May 2009
      Eye on Nexus–The Impact of Sporadic Employee Visits (Co-Author) - April-May 2009
      Penalties and More–Is it Time for Change? - August-September 2009
      Is the Worker an Independent Contractor or Employee? - December 2009-January 2010
      Who Owns the Client’s File? (Co-Author) - February-March 2010
      Small Tax Cases (Co-Author) - June-July 2010
      Choosing the Client - August-September 2010
      The Last Known Address–Where Does the Taxpayer Live? - December-January 2011
      Defending Against the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty - June-July 2011
      The Continuing Issue–Are They Employees or Independent Contractors? - August-September 2011
      When You Miss a Deadline - December 2011-January 2012
      When is Someone a Real Estate Professional? - April-May 2012
      Let’s Be Pen Pals–The IRS Correspondence Audit - June-July 2012
      Are More Civil Tax Fraud Penalties Being Proposed? - December 2012-January 2013
      Are Severance Payments “Wages” for FICA Purposes? A Look at Quality Stores (Co-Author) - February-March 2013
      Negotiating with the IRS at the Audit Level - April-May 2013
      Freedom of Information Act–What Des the IRS Have in Its Files? - June-July 2013
      Dealing with IRS Appeals - October-November 2013
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